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The rimestones new EP "Holy Nights" is finally out!

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The Rimestones formed in 2004. First 3 members (Jan Holtsmann, Rein Pärn, Siim Liivlaid) met each other 2001 in university of Tallinn. First years the trio named themselves "Old Nuts" and their music is still kept in the walls of their rehearsal room. In the beginning of 2004 the group got its 4th member (Ago Visak) who started to play on keyboards and accordion and the band was renamed "The Rimestones". After that the group finally found their direction where to go musically. They started to follow their saying "Our grandfather is rock, our mother is jazz, our brother is britpop!" and they are working towards nupop. 2005 joined Indrek Soomre to be a guitarist of The Rimestones. The band is still unsigned but is working hard to find a record label.

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